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Acquisition Policy

Each of the following criteria should be met before an item is acquired as part of the collection
  • 1. It must have a distinctive and verifiable connection with the local area. This may include the following:
    Designed locally
    Manufactured locally
    Commonly used locally
    Valued by sections of the local community for social, economic, cultural, spiritual or religious reasons associated with the important themes of local history.

  • 2. It should be in good condition or should be able to be conserved or restored to good condition.

  • 3. It can be readily stored and cared for by the Museum.

  • 4. It is an unconditional donation or purchase and the person donating the item has valid and/or legal title to it.

  • 5. Duplicates will only be acquired in the case of light sensitive materials that require changeovers during display and where duplicates assist in the interpretation of the items.

  • 6. In the case of photographs (less than 50 years old), if the donor is copyright owner, permission should be sought for the transfer of copyright ownership to the Museum.

NOTE: Items may also be collected by the Museum for use in "hands on" activities or as props for displays if they do not meet the above criteria. (They must always comply with point 4).
As at 05/06/2014

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